Battlefield 2 v1.12 Patch

Battlefield 2Kao sto se i ocekivalo sa izlaskom Battlefield 2: Special Forces  pojavio se i patch za Battlefield 2 koji otklanja bagove i priprema igru za Special Forces expanziju. Patch dize igru na verziju 1.12

Patch mozete preuzeti odavde (285mb)


Patch ispravlja:

  •  Fixed a crash when users switch weapons using the mouse wheel while piloting a bomber (SU-34, F-15 and J10) in core BF2 maps.
  •  Removed the Grappling Hook and the Zip Line from kits from "The Iron Gator" map.
  • Fixed single player loading screens to match map selection image.
  • Fixed an issue in the menus so that users can click on BF2:SF ribbons to view the descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue in the Browser so that BF2:SF servers are now represented with a green "2" icon.
  • Global improvement of collision detection on the Grappling Hook and the Zip Line.
  • Fixed damage state artillery icon on the 3d map when an artillery is destroyed.

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