Amazon – Guardians of Eden (šifre)

Amazon - Guardians of Eden 

Access has added a new feature to this product called 
Online Help. You can select help by clicking the "?" 
box on the command button line.
You may be discouraged from doing this by the manual, 
which says you won't get any more help if you use up all 
your 170 points, and that if you fall below 100 points you 
won't see the hero's finale.

Forget it. You can cheat the program as many times as you 
like by saving the same scene twice under two different 
names, using the online help feature in one of the saved 
games to get your clue, then loading the other saved game 
to continue.

Example: Jason's apartment. If you can't find the decoding 
ring SAVE the game at that point and call it "APT" or whatever. 
As soon as the screen appears again SAVE the game once more, 
only this time call it something else - maybe "HELP" or what. 
Now when the apartment reappears you can use the "?" button as
often as you like. Experiment and discover what has to be done. 
Then reload "APT" and play the scene again, getting all the 
items you need.

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