Ama Superbike (šifre)

Ama Superbike


Hint 1:
It's absolutely critical that you don't turn into a corner 
too early (even more so than with car racing sims). If you 
do, the bike will understeer heavily to the outside, and 
you will be completely offline for the straightaway that 
follows. By being patient and waiting for the proper turn-in 
point, you will be able to rocket out of the turn with 
considerably more speed. 

Hint 2:
If you have the traction-control aid turned off, your bike 
will slide out from under you every time you so much as 
touch a blade of grass on the outside of a corner. 
Oddly enough, you can put your wheels on the grass or dirt 
located on the inside of the turn without suffering any 
such dire consequences. Use this to your advantage as much 
as possible, but don't cut the corner too much, or you will 
bring on a stop-and-go penalty for shortcutting. 

Hint 3:
If you use a multiple-axis joystick with a twist grip and 
a separate throttle control, you can map your rider's 
lean-and-pitch movements to these axes for more hands-on 
control and a somewhat greater challenge.

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