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Alliance Future CombatIzlazak druge igre Beogradskog Gameyus studia, je svakim danom sve blizi. Igra Alliance: Future Combat je zavrsena i naci ce se u prodaji tokom marta 2006. Do izlaska igre mozete pogledati screenove na oficijalnom sajtu igre ili procitati intervju sajta sa clanovima Gameyus ekipe.

Neke od karakteristika igre:

– 20 action packed tactical/combat missions.
– Take command of AEGIS troops or play as the leader of extremists.
– Control futuristic vehicles, next-gen commando units, advanced aircraft and more.
– Over 100 types of units: Robotic vehicles, Unmanned aircraft, Snipers, Spies, Engineers.
– Numerous combat environments: Urban, Rural, Desert and Mountains.
– Diverse weather and lighting conditions – Fight in fog, rain and in darkness.
– Voice Control: Order your troops with spoken commands.
– Special options: satellites, laser guided missiles, plasma rays, air strikes and artillery.
– Most detailed vehicles in a strategy game ever.
– No resource gathering, all action all the time!

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