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Age of Conan: Hyborian AdventuresKako vreme odmiče Age of Conan prikuplja sve više korisnika i sada je pred Funcom-om jako težak zadatak, a to je svakako da se zadrže isti. Naime, istoimena kompanija je danas izašla u javnost sa nešto detaljnijom objavom planova koji se odnose na ovaj novi MMORPG naslov. U predstojećim mesecima par novina pogodiće Age of Conan, a prva od istih koja se najavljuje je unapredjeni PvP (Player vs Player) sistem, gde se očekuje uvođenje novih modova, kao i PvP rankova. Zatim, sledeća stvar, koja se takođe odnosi na PvP sistem, je mogućnost pravljenja velikih gildi koje će učestvovati kao jedna celina, i gde će svaki član zauzimati svoje zasluženo mesto. Pored PvP-a biće predstavljen novi Powerpoints sistem, kao i uvođenje novih područja i dungeon-a. Da li će Funcom i Eidos naći pravo rešenje za svoje ljubitelje ostaje nam da sačekamo još par meseci, kada se i očekuju ova osveženja.

PvP evolved – To the Death – The great combat system in Age of Conan has taken MMO fighting to a new level of fun, and Player versus Player combat plays a major part in this. As a result, a massive new PvP update is planned for late June. Aptly called To the death, this update brings more consequence and rewards to PvP, and an important part of it is the Fugitive system. The more lower level players you kill, the easier it is for others to hunt you down. In addition, ten PvP levels with additional ranks will be introduced, as well as specific gear and weapons for PvP.

Guild Alliance Warfare – Preproduction has started on a MASSIVE free update which will come later this year. Currently titled 'Kingship!', large clusters of guilds will be able to form alliances, and rule and conquer on a massive scale. Everyone in a guild alliance will play a part in this system, and together they can even erect unique looking alliance Battlekeeps. The alliances can also fight over, and build, culture-specific 'wonders of the world', with a direct link to higher powers! As part of the system Funcom will also facilitate larger amounts of players in massive battles.

Powerpoints  – This fall, a unique reward and character evolution system called Powerpoints will be introduced. This rewards active in-game behavior, and allows for gathering points through numerous methods, including owning a Battlekeep, playing the end-game at level 80, winning PvP matches, or simply being an active guild member or subscribing to the game. There will be many ways to obtain Powerpoints, and numerous rewards, ranging from exclusive Powerfeats to weapons, armor and potions. Powerpoints may even allow you to level faster!

New areas and dungeons – You won't need to wait for an expansion pack to explore exciting new areas. In the next period, Funcom will include several new areas, as well as evolving already existing areas. This includes a brand new dungeon in Aquilonia, reshaping three dungeons in Stygia, and an entire mountain range in Cimmeria!

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