WarCraft 3 – The Frozen Throne (šifre)

WarCraft 3 - The Frozen Throne

Submitted by: conner54   

Press [ENTER] while playing to bring up the message dialog box. 
Type the following codes in the box, then press [ENTER] again to 
activate. If successful, the message "CHEAT ENABLED" will appear 
on the screen. 

Code                         Result
WarpTen                    - Speeds construction of buildings and units
IocainePowder              - Fast Death/Decay
WhosYourDaddy              - God mode
KeyserSoze [amount]        - Gives you X Gold
LeafitToMe [amount]        - Gives you X Lumber
GreedIsGood [amount]       - Gives you X Gold and Lumber
PointBreak                 - Removes food limit
ThereIsNoSpoon             - Unlimited Mana
StrengthAndHonor           - No defeat
Motherland [race] level]   - level jump
SomebodySetUpUsThBomb      - Instant defeat
AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs   - Instant victory
WhoIsJohnGalt              - Enable research
SharpAndShiny              - Research upgrades
IseeDeadPeople             - Remove fog of war
Synergy                    - Disable tech tree requirements
RiseAndShine               - Set time of day to dawn
LightsOut                  - Set time of day to dusk
DayLightSavings [time]     - If a time is specified, time of day is 
                             set to that, otherwise time of day is 
                             alternately halted/resumed
TheDudeAbides              - Fast cooldown 
whosyourdaddy-One          - hit kills & Unlim. HP 
strengthandhonor           - Keep playing after losing in Campaign mode 
greedisgood 10000          - 10000 gold and lumber 
keysersoze 1000            - 1000 gold 
leafittome 100             - 100 lumber 
daylightsavings 18:00      - Set time of day to 18:00 
daylightsavings            - Toggle daylight progression 
itvexesme                  - Disable victory conditions 
Greedisgood 999999         - All reasource 999999
Iseedeadpeople             - reveals all the map

Submitted by: Phoenix

TenthLevelTaurenChieftain - Plays a special song 
(WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne ONLY)

No Trees         - abrakadabra 
L10 Allied Units - ihavethepower 

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Hint: Secret Level:
Submitted by: Phoenix

In the third Alliance mission (where the elves are escaping from 
prison) there is a room with three sheep near the middle of the 
map. When a unit steps on a panel near a sheep, the sheep will 
say one of three things. Step on the panels to say "Baw, Ram, Ewe" 
to open a door above them. The door leads to a bunch of flying 
sheep and a big question mark. Pick up the question mark as if 
it were an item to unlock a secret tower level.

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    koja e sifra za pobedu

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