Staff of Karnath (walkthrough)

Staff of Karnath

created April 2000

The pentacle is split into 16 pieces. They can be found in rooms
marked with a '*'.

 Upper Level
  North tower upper: cast STOLV to make the bars from the stairs
* Morning room: use IBRAHIM to push the shelf of the table.
* Library: YEROBAS untraps the pentacle piece
  East tower upper: nothing special.
* Treasury: cast KNOSSOS to levitate the giant squid.
  Balcony: STOLV freezes the guards.
* Waiting room: just wait, after some time a pentacle piece
* West tower upper: cast IBRAHIM on the guardian.
* Timeless room: THROBIN levitates the rug.
* Upper guard room: there is a hidden cross in the shield on the
    wall. Cast THROBIN to loosen it, then remove it with the
    OMPHALUS spell.
  South tower upper: nothing special.

-> 7 pentacle pieces

 Lower Level
  North tower lower: cast IBRAHIM on the spider and the pentacle
    piece trapped in the web in the [Storeroom] will fall to the
    floor for a short period of time.
* Kitchen: nothing special.
* Storeroom: See [North tower lower] for instructions.
* East tower lower: nothing special.
  Servants quarters: nothing special.
* The great hall: AEOLUS extinguishes the fire for a short amount
    of time
* Laundry room: nothing special.
* West tower lower: nothing special.
  Armory: nothing special.
* Lower guard room: nothing special.
  South tower lower: the vampire moves away if you have the cross
  from the [Upper guard room].

-> 7 pentacle pieces

* Crypt (leftmost part of the dungeon): move up between the two
    platforms until you hear a distorted bell. The red skull in the
    [Dungeon] will rise and reveal a pentacle piece. You have to be
    very fast to get it in time.
* Dungeon: freeze the guardian with the IBRAHIM spell.

-> 2 pentacle pieces

The Abode of Karn
  Carry each of the 16 pieces to the altar. Use BARACATA to deposit
  the pieces. After the altar splits open, use MENHIR to destroy
  the staff. Congratulations, you have won!

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