Sim City 4 (šifre)

Sim City 4

Update by: Davy Stolk

Update by: Vincent Seitz
Update by:Yazz

To activate the cheat codes, hit CTRL-X during gameplay and type in 
the cheat you want to execute: 

Code                   Result 
fightthepower        : Get Rid of Power Requirement
hellomynameis        : Change Mayor Name (ie. Change Mayor Name 
                       Donald will change the mayor name to "Donald")
howdryiam            : Get Rid of Water Requirement 
sizeof               : Magnify (1-100) 
stopwatch            : Pause Clock
tastyzots            : Toggle Zots
weaknesspays         : 1,000 added to Treasury
whatimeizit          : Set Time (add a space, then the time)
whererufrom          : Change City Name (ie. Change City Name New City 
                       will change the city name to "New City")
you don't deserve it : All Rewards 
zoneria              : Hide Empty Zone Color

Cheat code: stopwatch:
Submitted by:

Description: Pause/resume the 24 hour clock
How to use your cheat code:  
1) First type the console access code:  ctrl + shift + alt + x
2) Enter code  - stopwatch
-  While paused, press and both trigger buttons.

Submitted by: dazza

if you press the ctrl + x and type in the box freddiemuney it 
will give you a $1,000,000,000 each works on my game 
but it only works on a few. my city has got about $68,000,000,000

Get Infinite Money:
Submitted by: Tiago

Press CTRL and X together and a grey box should come up at the top 
left of the screen.
In this box type in 'weaknesspays' then highlight it and press 
CTRL and C together.
Now hold ctrl press ENTER then V then ENTER then V etc.
If u hold down the CTRL key and keep pressing V and ENTER WHILE holding 
CTRL your money will go up by 1000 each time u press V and ENTER.

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