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Rise of the Dragon (šifre)

Rise of the Dragon

Look everywhere.  Try looking in places you wouldn't 
normally think of looking.  A good example is under 
the bed at

August 22, 2005 Šifre za igre

CIA Operative – Solo Missions (šifre)

CIA Operative - Solo Missions

Start game with Solomisons.exe -console 
press ~ or ESC to get rid of it

In game use the tile-key (~) to bring

August 22, 2005 Šifre za igre

Return to Genesis (šifre)

Return to Genesis

On the title screen , type WASP.ASM then press F5 for 
August 22, 2005 Šifre za igre

Chase Ace 2 (šifre)

Chase Ace 2

All weapons:
The full roster of weapons can be implemented from 
the onset by typing 'I WANT THE LOT' at the title 
screen and

August 22, 2005 Šifre za igre

Red Jets (šifre)

Red Jets

Submitted by: coner54
Skip Mission:
Start game as usual. During gameplay press and hold down keys [C] and [I] 
simultaneously for a while until the "Mission

August 22, 2005 Šifre za igre

Command & Conquer – Gold (šifre)

Command & Conquer - Gold

For Command and Conquer Gold there is a cheat code that you 
can build 2 refineries for 1000 credits or it

August 22, 2005 Šifre za igre
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