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Star Trek – Away Team (šifre)

Star Trek - Away Team

Submitted by: long john

Type these codes during a mission: 

Code      Result
cheater - Activate Cheat Mode

August 22, 2005 Šifre za igre

East Front 2 (šifre)

East Front 2

Tip 1: 
Use the overlays as much as you can. The range, movement, 
and visible hexes overlays are invaluable in determining 
the right

August 22, 2005 Šifre za igre

Star Glider 1 (šifre)

Star Glider 1

Slow down your ship completely, and press F1 for fixed 
Press BACKSPACE to pause the game and type 'js arg s'.
You should now

August 22, 2005 Šifre za igre

Dungeon Siege (šifre)

Dungeon Siege

Submitted by: yong

Press (Enter) during game play and type (Plus) 
followed by one of the following codes to activate 
the corresponding cheat function. 

August 22, 2005 Šifre za igre

Sportsman’s Paradise (šifre)

Sportsman's Paradise

Double barrel shotgun:
Select the prairie dog hunt option and begin game play. 
Press G during game play to get the double barrel shotgun. 


August 22, 2005 Šifre za igre

Dr.RipTide (šifre)


The level passwords for In Search of Dr. Riptide v1.1 :

Level    Level Name         Level

August 22, 2005 Šifre za igre
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